Information about AtlasTalked


Hi, I'm Jeremy.

I founded AtlasTalked because I love people. Nothing means more to me than having the heart-to-heart conversations that change lives.

I'm aiming to unlock the latent Friends within each of us and create a better world, one where we really connect.

Somehow, our notion of talking has become polluted. We're inundated with fake "friends" on social media, we're dissected by politics, and we're struggling to put all the pieces of our lives together. Social connections have been cheapened and counterfeited while mental unease is broaching all-time highs.

AtlasTalked uses the internet and economic incentives to bridge this gap. It's easy to connect people on the internet, yet nothing focusing on "real talk" has been available before. There's no question that these conversations are difficult to have, so we also tap into economic self-interest.

By allowing Friends to charge money, we provide them with a productive outlet for their skills. Based on reviews, we can permit the best facilitators of these deep conversations to rise in popularity and hourly wage. When you're paying a Friend for a conversation, you're much less likely to sit in the park for an hour and talk about the weather. You're motivated to change.

Initially, our Friends are strangers. This carries some real risk, no doubt, but also opportunity. Who can you talk to your deepest secrets about? Friends, family, partners are all too close to the problem. If you're suffering and need an outlet, a stranger is ideal. While a therapist can fill this role in a professional setting, our Friends (who are certainly not therapists) can bridge the gap. They can help you handle milder problems much more cheaply than a professional counselor.

Just like any new marketplace, AtlasTalked will have its growing pains. Years ago, Uber seemed impossibly trusting of strangers, yet now we rely on strangers every day to get around. Ultimately, I see a future in which we're proving the good nature of common humanity and helping each other in the ways that count.

We're working to serve each other in the ways that matter. Together, we're able to hold the whole world without breaking a sweat.

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