Information about AtlasTalked

How it works

This is not a legal document! It is a simple primer for those new to AtlasTalked.

See our legal Terms of Use here.

The Basics

AtlasTalked is an online marketplace for people offering and buying peer support. We're composed of Friends who offer Conversations to Clients. Clients find Conversations offered by Friends and engage with Friends at their discretion. 

The goal of Client and Friend are to create mutually beneficial Conversations, usually lightening heavy problems and improving the life of the Client. How this is done is up to the Client and Friend, though the Friend describes their idea of how to best accomplish this on their Profile and Conversation page. 

We believe in peer support. The primary goal is connect those who have personal experience with a problem (e.g., divorce) with those who are dealing with that problem now. There's a huge pool of people with personal insight and support for personal problems who don't have the access to help others because of a lack of formal qualifications. We want to bridge that gap.

AtlasTalked's function is to connect the Friend and the Client, that's it. We provide the ability to create and find Conversation offerings, Profiles, Messages, and Reviews. Outside of these basic functions for connecting Friends and Clients, we provide nothing else. Unless otherwise noted in the Terms of Use, we do not provide arbitration for disputes nor do we intervene in the relationship of the Client and Friend in any capacity.

AtlasTalked is NOT therapy. While helping people with personal problems is associated with professional therapy and medical treatments, it's not always. Think about your own life and any time you've tried to help others with personal problems: it was nice, hopefully helpful, but definitely NOT therapy. That's all we offer here: personal, peer support. Professional services are explicitly banned from being advertised here.

The Details

AtlasTalked is an online marketplace for people looking to have deep conversations and peer-to-peer support. Our facilitators of these conversations, the offering party, are called "Friends". Those looking to talk with Friends we'll call "Clients". Friends post "Offerings" including what they'd like to talk about, how they'll talk, and the rate they charge on an hourly basis. Clients peruse those Offerings and decide who they would like talk with, book a time, and then both the Friend and Client are notified of the appointment. While we offer guidelines about meeting, henceforth known as a Conversation, this is carried out at the discretion of the Friend and the Client either online or in-person. The Conversation, ideally, is carried out with both parties benefiting from the exchange and then both the Client and Friend are encouraged to leave a review regarding how well the Friend helped them talk about their subject of choice.


Both Friends and Clients create user accounts which display information about themselves on AtlasTalked, called "Profiles". For privacy reasons, we do not condemn the use of aliases in Profiles as long as it is compliant with local laws. It is up the user to determine the extent of genuine information rendered as a Profile. Naturally, the misrepresentation of services rendered (e.g., fake reviews, fraud, etc), accreditations (e.g., lying about being a doctor), and any other illegal falsehoods will not be tolerated. Friends and Clients are solely responsible for representations made on their Profiles.

Through AtlasTalked's Profiles, direct communication is permitted. These conversations are generally not seen by staff at AtlasTalked (though they may be) and are unregulated. They're intended to be used to facilitate conversations and better acquaint Friends and Clients.


Friends are not vetted by AtlasTalked in any way, they merely use our platform for advertising their offers. Those offers may include their conversation Style, their Interests, their Inspirations, hourly rate, availability, and whatever else they choose to share. Friends, over time, accumulate reviews which enable them to build trust in the community. Friends are motivated by the economic incentive to perform as well as to build their reputation and be helpful.

Friends are not permitted to offer professional services on AtlasTalked. While some Friends may be accredited in tangential fields (e.g., life coaching, psychotherapy, energy healing, etc), these professional services are wrapped in myriad regulatory concerns which are outside of the scope of AtlasTalked: our Friends may only host conversations. While there is no question that their accumulated experience will be reflected in the facilitation thereof and we permit Friends to describe any experience they like in their Offers and Profiles, all services rendered by Friends must conform to our conversation-only model.


Clients are solely responsible for finding the right Friend for their needs. Payments to Friends are made upfront and are non-refundable (with few excepting circumstances). Friends and their clients are, as always, accountable to their local laws.

The goal of the Client is to engage in a fulfilling conversation with their Friend. In some sense, it is up to the Client to be willing to engage about the original topic which, in many cases, may be emotionally taxing. The Client is capable of withdrawing at any time. Any damages incurred as a result of using AtlasTalked are strictly the liability of the Client, not the Friend or AtlasTalked LLC unless a law has been violated by the accountable party. The services provided by AtlasTalked LLC and the Friends who advertise their services are provided "as-is". Should any party violate the laws of their their local jurisdiction, prosecution will be handled by the relevant law enforcement agency.  


Clients and Friends alike are prompted to leave reviews of the Friend's performance in the Conversation after the Conversation has ended, called Reviews. These are appended to the Profile of the reviewed party, permitting future Clients of the Friend to make better judgements. These reviews are outside of the control of the reviewing party and may be subject to deletion or modification of AtlasTalked under circumstances deemed appropriate by AtlasTalked.

Violations of our Terms of Use should be relayed to AtlasTalked directly from the Client or Friend and may be used to remove Friend or Client accounts at our discretion. If a law is violated, please refer these matters to the appropriate authorities.

The Future

In the future, AtlasTalked hopes to provide more vetting for Friends and Clients alike as well as a more complex refund policy. We intend to implement a more nuanced Review system replete with resolution arbitration. As our funds, experience, and technical capabilities grow, we will improve the user experience of both Friends and Clients alike. In the meantime, please contact us with any suggestions you have!

AtlasTalked provides its marketplace facilitation as-is at all times. While we always seek to improve, know that we're not liable for the current outcomes associated with its use nor are we capable of performing any function outsides of our scope, i.e., the simple facilitation of introducing Friends and Clients. 

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