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We all carry heavy loads. Talk to a Friend or become a Friend to help others.

We're a marketplace for peer support.

What is Atlas Talked?

A place to talk and listen

Have a problem? We're all carrying the weight of the world, but it doesn't need to be so heavy. Find a Friend who will listen, advise, or both.

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Love to help your people with their problems? We know time is money, so we've made a marketplace for helping one another. Your passion can finally pay off.

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Freedom of Choice

You're an adult: you can make your own decisions. We are a marketplace for Friends to offer a shoulder, which means that you can find just the right conversation for you.

How to Find a Friend

What Do Friends Do?

Our Friends offer specialized conversations for people with particular problems or interests. Here're some examples:

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Dealing with a plague? No Friends nearby? Online is the way to go.

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Nothing beats face-to-face, especially when the topics are heavy.

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Caveat Emptor

Not Therapy

AtlasTalked does not offer psychotherapy or any professional services. We connect people to each other to talk about what matters, that's it. While talking in this way may improve mental health or resolve underlying problems, such a happy coincidence is just that. If you need professional counseling, look elsewhere.

Not Regulated

Founded in Colorado, we're aiming to be the wild west of heartfelt conversations. That means that guarantees found elsewhere do not apply. You could ask your Friend for a confidentiality agreement, for example, but the enforcement of which would be up to her or your legal finesse to enforce it. Make sure that AtlasTalked is right for you.

You're Accountable

You're solely responsible for your experience with your Friend. You pick them, you meet, and you decide if their style of talking is right for you. If you don't show, you forfeit your payment. On the plus side, this marketplace approach should encourage you to "get to business" about the problems that matter most and are hardest to talk about.

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How to Win Friends

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. We use Styles, Interests, and Inspirations to help you choose. Styles are ways of talking, usually gentle or straight-shooting. Interests are focused on problems that our Friends like to talk about. Inspirations are the myriad theories for how to talk with people effectively to bring about their desired change.

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...& Influence People

Do you love people? Use your best skills to change lives as only you can. Create unique offerings based on your location, the kinds of problems you can help, and your favorite ways to have deep conversations. Voice your true personality and attract the people whom you can help best. Describe your life, your attitude, and your process for your new friends.

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