The Summer Lake Tree

The Summer Lake Tree

The last few years have been filled with the unknown which has brought about anxiety, fear and stress. We have all felt some form of anxiety and stress from what's happening in the world. If You don't address these symptoms, learn about what to look for and ways to help manage these feelings, we could start to see our behaviors changing. Depression, isolation, addiction and family breakups are all things that could occur. Having these feelings does not make you any different then anyone else as we all have things we deal with.

I am a 36 year old mental health peer professional, motivational coach and work as a social worker with Mental Health and Substance Abuse. I know the struggle and know the feeling of hopelessness and feeling like a failure. If this sounds like you I beg you to reach out to me and let me help motivate and encourage you through your jouney.

Skill set

I believe in the power of listening, eye contact and showing empathy. I use Motivational Interviewing skills to help keep the conversation going and to learn as much as I can about your situation. I will provide symptom management education, CBT techniques, Stress release techniques and will help with creating an evidence based treatment plan to help you on your journey,

I love helping others and feel it is my calling. Thats why I dont charge as much and if you cant afford the amount I will work with you.

Please take the time to reach out.

Communication Style: Text, face to face zoom call,
References: Lisbel Rodriguez- Community support director Prospect Park NJ 551-427-2261
Timezone: Eastern Time

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The Summer Lake Tree

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