Hi! I'm Jude. I'm a transgender, autistic, ADHD, OCD, multi-disabled, nerdy grad student. I grew up in a home where abuse and neglect were daily occurrences, and where my identity as a transgender, non-straight human was not even remotely accepted. I spent decades trying to be the person I was "supposed to be" before finally becoming who I was always meant to be: ME. I've been through homelessness, an abusive marriage to a cis-het man, a divorce, suicide, poverty, sexual and physical abuse. There was a vast majority of my life where I truly believed happiness wasn't achievable for me. Luckily, in that particular case, I was wrong. With the help of my friends and chosen family and my now-wife, I worked to be myself and find joy in my life. I love to help others through things I've been through myself, and with issues I may not have faced but am here to empathize with. If you need someone to talk to, send me a message!

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