Jeremy E

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

I founded AtlasTalked because I love people. Nothing means more to me than having the heart-to-heart conversations that change lives and I've been told that I have a particular skill in being easy to open up to. My alacrity and enthusiasm for genuine connection have caused me to a develop a decent skill set in helping others cope with problems, something that I'd like to share with you.

As a wee youth, I read the greats in psychoanalysis. As a college student, I majored in Neuroscience and studied the behavioralists. While I always aspired to be a psychotherapist, the job conditions (and financing terms) were a huge turnoff when I faced them head-on. Instead, I started my own marketing agency (a very popular thing to do in Boulder) and went off to the races, helping people by making their business dreams come true and consumers in finding the very latest and greatest.

Still, after all of the years between then and now, I had to make my own dream come true. That's AtlasTalked. I'm not just making a modestly profitable hobby for myself: I'm aiming to unlock the latent Friends within each of us and create a better world, one where we really connect. Just like you thought when Uber was invented, "is this stranger going to murder me?", AtlasTalked will have its growing pains. Ultimately, however, I can see a future in which we're proving the good nature of common humanity and helping each other.

If you book with me, you'll find me generally quiet, empathetic, and easily trusted. I'm a non-judgmental and patient listener. Beneath it all, however, I will calculate the perspective you're missing, that "lack of insight" that leads to suffering. I'll do the best I can to couch that difficult truth in pleasantries, but, by the end of the session, I promise I will cash out whatever emotional deposits I've made if it's necessary to help you see your problem in a more manageable way. As a poetaster, I'll also present it as best I can in metaphor to give you something to chew on when we're done.

Communication Style: Sympathetic, Insight-oriented

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